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Let’s Talk About the Birds and the Bees… At Church

Birds and the Bees

A seven part series on sex and relationships for high school youth at

Saint Edmund’s Episcopal Church.

COST: $45 for materials and lunches

DATES: Sundays after church 11:30 – 1:30 from June 3rd – July 22nd (excluding July 1st)

STRUCTURE AND LEADERS: Each session will include lunch and a lesson as a large group. We will then divide into small groups of guys and gals for discussion lead by one or two adults. Our adult leaders are Dustin VanderHar, John and Julie Quinn, Tori Mordecai, and Josh Keaney.


Session 1 – Sex Messaging: helping youth respond to the cultural and religious messages they’re wading through (or maybe more accurately, swimming in)

- Where did you learn about sex? What do you think about sex?

- Gospel of Mark 10 - Religious leaders try to trap Jesus with issue of divorce. Jesus makes two points. We are created in God’s image and the union of marriage is not a disposable relationship.

Session 2 – Sexual Identity: helping youth think about the forces that shape their sexuality.

- New Creation: Good, Guilt, Grace, Gratitude

- What influences sexual identity?

Session 3 – Intimacy: helping youth think about dating and nonsexual closeness. This session can include an activity called “Love Stories” during which a panel of guest adults answer questions students ask anonymously.

Love Stories

- CS Lewis - The 4 loves

- Mistakes girls and guys make

- Dating and Breaking up

Session 4 – Desire: helping youth understand their appetites and needs.

- Desires are good but how do we control them?

Session 5 – Boundaries & Responsibility: helping youth decide what to dow with their sexuality and take sexual responsibility

- When is it sex?

- Pornography

- What is sexy?

- Why Wait?

Session 6 – Do- Overs: helping youth experience mercy, repentance, forgiveness, and restoration

- Falling and Bouncing Back

- “You Want Me to Marry a What?” : Hosea and Gomer (Hosea 1-3)

Session 7 – Review and Discuss “Sex God”

CURRICULUM MATERIALS: Each participant will receive the books Good Sex Student Journal by Jim Hancock and kara Powell as well as Sex God by Rob Bell.

Good SexGOOD SEX 2.0: A Whole-Person Approach to Teenage Sexuality and God

Assessing Good Sex 1.0 for Christianity Today, Tim stafford wrote:

Hancock and Powell explain that they aim for a process, not a confrontation. In seven lessons they cover a lot of biblical ground. The Bible studies are bracketed by open-ended discussion, in which kids think for themselves and speak freely. The intent is to create a church context in which sexuality gets explored thoughtfully and biblically, and kids reach their own conclusions.”

This is edition 2.0 of the Good Sex curriculum, thoroughly revised and updated to take advantage of new research, improved teaching methods, and generous user input form the first edition.

Here are some big ideas behind Good Sex:

  • We’re created in God’s image, male and female.

  • Sexuality is a wonderful, complex gift that takes a lifetime to explore.

  • Sex touches every part of us – our bodies, sure, but also our minds, emotions, spirits, and every relationship, from our families to the God who makes us sexual (and everyone in between).

  • Sex is affected by our brokenness and wrongdoing, just like everything else about us.

  • Sex can be rescued and renewed by the grace of Christ, just like everything else about us.

Sex GodSEX GOD: Exploring the Endless Connections between Sexuality and Spirituality

Bell’s book isn’t a sex manual, an exploration of the differences between men and women, or a marriage how-to, though all of that is here. Instead, it’s the story of God becoming human, of humans mirroring God, and love made manifest in the messiness of our humanity. Sex God is about relationships revealed in a way that elevates the human condition and offers hope to those whose relationships are wounded. In Bell’s spare, somewhat oblique style, he addresses lust, respect, denial, risk, acceptance, and more. His love for God and the Bible is clear, as is his ability to ask probing questions and offer answers that make readers think deeply about their own lives. He does a fine job using the Bible and real life to show that our physical relationships are really about spiritual relationships. This book joyfully ties, and then tightens, the knot between God and humankind”. — Publishers Weekly

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